Gold-Standard in IOP measurement significantly underestimates true IOP.

Gold-Standard in IOP measurement significantly underestimates true IOP.

Goldmann applanation tonometry and Perkins tonometry significantly underestimate true intracameral IOP

Intraocular pressure (IOP) is a key objective measure in the diagnosis and treatment of glaucoma. Goldmann Applanation Tonometry currently remains the gold standard for IOP measurements, however as the below reference paper entitled “Goldmann applanation tonometry error relative to true intracameral intraocular pressure in vitro and in vivo” discusses, there are overall bias and biomechanical errors in Goldmann tonometer readings. This is due to the variability in corneal biomechanics. The debate exists regarding the amount of errors, as it is difficult to quantify, but Goldmann applanation tonometry and Perkins tonometry significantly underestimate true intracameral IOP.

The Goldmann-type tonometer error measured on live human eyes was 5.2 +/−1.6 mmHg lower than intracameral IOP in the upright position and 7.9 +/− 2.3 mmHg lower in the supine position (p < .05). CCT also indicated a sloped correlation to error (correlation coeff. = 0.18). Goldmann IOP measures significantly lower than true intracameral IOP by approximately 3 mmHg in vitro and 5 mmHg in vivo. The Goldmann IOP error is increased an additional 2.8 mmHg lower in the supine position.

Eye C Better is well on the way to substantially reducing the existing error in IOP measurements while simultaneously being able to take the measurements in a non-contact fashion.

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Eye C Better (ECB) is a Medical Technology as a Service (MedTaaS) company that combines a breakthrough medical device with digital technology to transform glaucoma healthcare. People with glaucoma continue to need care when they leave the doctor’s office and Eye C Better provides individuals with the tools to manage, monitor and maintain their disease. Glaucoma is caused by elevated eye pressure which damages the optic nerve. Keeping that pressure within an acceptable range is critical to stopping this blinding disease. Current glaucoma treatment plans typically have a patient only measuring their pressure a few times a year, their pressure can fluctuate up to 10mmHg per day and the current device can have accuracy challenges resulting in up to a 10mmHg misreading or more. Yet a doctor will change their treatment based on a 1 mmHg change in pressure. Our device will be able to gather numerous pressure measurements throughout a typical day allowing a doctor to better understand a patient’s eye pressure, effectiveness of eye-drops, and be able to make better recommendations to measure, monitor, and maintain healthy eye pressures. More eye pressure measurements will lead to better patient outcomes and help those people with glaucoma enjoy a lifetime of vision.

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