Improve Patient Care While Increasing Revenue
Through eyecbetter’s Digital Care Program

Recent changes to CMS’ Medicare fee schedules have introduced new CPT codes that cover digital therapeutics, which are treatments that utilize digital telehealth technologies.

These treatments – or therapeutics – are designed to encourage changes in patient behavior to improve outcomes. They focus on medication adherence, care coordination, and behavioral and lifestyle changes to manage clinical conditions.

With eyecbetter, you can extend the clinical reach of your practice to provide better care for your patients and increase your reimbursement potential when your patients participate in our remote care programs.

Providers can earn significant, continued reimbursement for each participant enrolled in the eyecbetter digital therapeutic program.

Use our reimbursement calculator, below, to predict the reimbursement your organization could earn when you enroll patients in our Glaucoma management digital care programs. *

Our Programs are built following CMS guidelines for billable services including:

• Program Orientation
• Principal Care Management
• Medication Adherence
• Care Coordination
• Reporting of Program Results


Calculate Your Potential Profit When You Enroll Patients in Eye C Better Digital Therapeutic for Glaucoma

Reimbursment Calculator

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*Estimates displayed do not include the ECB service provider fee (or per member per month fee)

*All reimbursements are based on Medicare National Payment amounts

*Reimbursement eligibility is based on program, participation, and documentation in accordance with medical necessity.

*Program revenues are estimates only and are not a guarantee of any particular results.