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What challenges do Ophthalmologists face with medication adherence in glaucoma patients?

Author: Dr. Joel Solano We know that medication adherence is a struggle for patients and that it’s an even greater struggle for those with glaucoma due to the chronic and largely asymptomatic nature of the disease. Adding to the issue is the frequently associated anxiety and depression that comes with the fear of vision loss. Mental health wellness is crucial to maintaining adherence and persistence with medications. As physicians our tools to help patients with adherence are limited and that is where Eye C Better is here to help. Eye C Better has created a patient-centric platform to help them care for their disease. At Eye C Better we use a multifaceted approach to keep patients engaged and help them maintain their medication adherence. Addressing things like medication simplification, medication side effects, costs, helping with reminders and adding gamification to maintain interest are a few of the tools we use to help patients.

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